Hari Hara-(client as on 19-10-2012)

I give a rating 5 for the Naadi Astrology Future and Solutions company where i am satisfied with the service and hospitality.

Michelle Clairmont ,UK

" Wow, thank you very much. This is very much more informative than the audio recording. Thank you. I would like to also order, in written format, the chapters recommended as the remedies. Please indicate the two chapters recommended to me and the cost, and I will send the money via Western Union. "

Kavitha, Chennai

I'm Kavitha, working for Most leading IT concern. Life is good when the thing are going in smooth way but what about the other end .. Who knows what will happen in next hour/month/year (only God knows). Before.. When we celebrate our birthday, we missed to think, our responsibilities are getting add more. We are not concentrating on family & friends; beyond that running .. running .. running for something with lots of hurting and sadness. It's all nothing, end of the day. I know, I'm missing something and started searching for that " is Pleasant". Now.. I met Nadi Astrologer Mr.Kanthavel generally. He suggested me to visit few temples, based on my horoscope. I had planned to go with my family. This was the First time, we are planning out as family so I had a small slip-up in my mind like how the trip will be. Even though we started from Chennai to visit temples. We got received by their clients and accommodated. They have arranged transport. We got received by morning and started visiting temples one by one. We have covered more places than planned, such an excellent plan they made. I really had wonderful moments. It was actually awesome traditional journey. Even if I planned with other way also probably I might not enjoyed like this. They are providing nice support. No other words to say… It's true. Darsan - We had nice darsan at each temple because they know people hence when we reach temple, somebody will be there to receive you. They are arranging things which required for Puja. You can have the darsan, very closed to Swami, You can have the Archanai and have Prasad end of darsan so you don't need to worry about Queue, rush and delay in time. Accommodation – We were accommodated, one of the best in class Inn. It was classic and had nice service but They are costing very less really. Transport & Guide – They have arranged transport with all facilities. It was safe drive & The Guide explained about prehistoric and influential of all temples clearly. Still.. I'm in the same kind of situation, facing same burden but have strong confidence to fight against all. I feel pleasure, my family and friends are with me. It's all because of Mr.Kanthavel Sir only. My life is changed completely. I'm so happy right row. I would like you guys also to have the same ….  have a good time.

Mahesh, USA

Hello All, This is to inform to all with pleasure that after seeing Nadi astrology future and solutions at Arumbakkam my life has changed a lot. Prior coming to Nadi astrology future and solutions i was totally confused and in job i lost the wonderful well respected position. I was totally depressed after losing the respected position in Bank of America.Even though i was having good rapport with my onsite manager my offshore manager was not supporting me. Eventually I was pushed to work as a normal developer with minimal managerial activities. I struggled a lot and completed many certifications to prove myself. Unfortunately no skills helped me. After coming to Nadi astrology future and solutions my life is fully changed. I did the Parikaram suggested by Nadi jothidar M.P.Kandavel and got the respected position in iNautix. iNautix is a fully owned subsidiary of Bank of Newyork Mellon. I was thrown from Bank of America and taken into Bank of Newyork Mellon only because of Nadi jothidar M.P.Kandavel.

Sivarama Krishnan, Chennai

Let me introduce my self I am Sivaraman born and brought from Kumbakkonam son of Late S.Srinivasa iYer,( I hope u can remember me now),i worked for Brila Group as General Manager Tech (Chennai), now settled with my daughter in Italy.With your prediction & with your blessings my daughter & my son got married & doing well. i met u at your place at Arumbakkam with my son for seeing Nadi josiyam, your prediction and remedies made his life peaceful. You are doing a marvelous job in the Nadi Josyiam field, giving correct prediction.I pray god to give you good health to do more to our religion. Expecting Prayers from you

Rangarajan ,Chennai

"I was really astonished by identifying my identity through elimination process. I saw nadi three years back, even now all the predictions holds good. I too did Shanthi parihara as suggested by nadi. Only I know how these pariharams helping me in every crisis during bad period. I am taking every step having the nadi prediction as my guidance."


Existence of humanity has an origin and a goal. While a human being exists he/she is aware of the existence alone with various changing aspects of it, without taking into consideration the PURE EXISTENCE without any changing aspect. The changeless pure existence is the origin and goal of every living and non-living being. People who are living all the changing aspects of life losing sight of PURE EXISTENCE are subject to all types of experience – good and bad.

This way of life is the basic reason for all the problems and sufferings of humanity. The great seers and saintly personages lived thousands of years ago in BHARAT (INDIA) were quite aware of the origin, course and goal of every living and non-living being. They knew it very well that if this knowledge is missing what will be the difficulties a person will be forced to come across in life. The compassionate great seers gave this knowledge (origin, course and goal of life) to guide the humanity to have this complete knowledge properly lived in the life avoiding all the negative trends in life.

This complete knowledge (science of life) of life is given by them in different heads to ensure a happy and healthy life. Among them the foremost one is JYOTISH (ASTROLOGY). The knowledge of Jyotish is Light of Life. It deals with both inner life and outer life and advocates the means with which the inner life can be properly handled to live a successful outer life.

The exponents of this knowledge were so many. More popular among them are the great sages AGATHIYA, SIVA VAKHYA, BHRUGU, VASHISHTA, VISHWAMITRA etc.,

They were great Tapasis (Meditators), practicing deep meditation for a long period, gained this knowledge. This includes the knowledge of all births of a person and the exact time he/she attains the goal (LIBERATION – JIVAN MUKTHI) of life. In general everything is decided by time in the space, so also human being's awareness. That's why time is segmented to him as Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The sages gained the total value of awareness, unlimited level of awareness found nothing such as time and space can put that total value of awareness within boundaries. They realized everything Time, Space etc., limited within that unlimited, non-changing, eternal awareness. They visualized time as a whole without any segmentation such as yesterday, today and tomorrow (Past, Present and Future). They felt the fullness of time as Present only having only one value PRESENT, no past and no future.

In that fullness of time, they cognized different worlds arising, existing and disappearing. They were able to appreciate the secrets of the birth and death of human beings with all sufferings and problems and at the same time the secret of living a deathless (Immortal) life without coming across problems and failures. Then they decided to document all the secrets of life leading to growth and retardation too and leaving them to our discretion what to follow.

The great seers gave a set procedure also to enter into that document of palmyrah leaves in order to make use of it.

Naadi Jyotish is like an 'eye' to know these secrets to make one's life more purposeful. To enter into this kingdom the key is amazingly 'THUMB IMPRESSION'. Right Thumb impression is the key to Male and Left to Female. Thumbs may be the same in Form and Function. But deep within its impression different marks are there varying from person to person in general.

People, what do they think gets materialized sometimes and sometimes does not get materialized in spite of the inputs, such as Man Power, Money and Material. There one can realize that something other than these ingredients decides success to one's activities and eventually to one's life. That 'something' is the result of our past activities, decides success to our activities in this life.

The great seers who mastered the Art of knowing the past and future of every individual were able to peep into the past and peer into the future of every individual of every age, The Hindu System of analysing the life, individual and cosmic based on a fact that everything taking place in this cosmos is pre-determined and their relationship is with the functioning/revolution of the planets.

Recognizing the value of it in maintaining the wellbeing of the humanity, the great seers documented them in a codified language akin to ancient Tamil language in well treated Palmyra leaves. Then they gave the formula to identify the right leaf to the individual concerned and this is THE SYSTEM OF NADI ASTROLOGY.

Naadi Astrology is an ancient system of predicting one's future taking into consideration the past and present. The origin of this is the great seers and saints who lived thousands of years ago. Their attainment of a particular level in the unfoldment of total knowledge presented them the nature, scope and end of every living being, living in different ages. Later in the interest of the wellbeing of the humanity to reach the final goal, they documented the whole thing in palmyrah leaves.

Once the right leaf is identified, one will be surprised to know the personal identities of him/her with reference to parentage, co-born, date of birth, education, married life, profession, gains in life, foreign trips, health and wealth etc.,.

It is followed by the general nature of the life of the individual concerned, Merits and Demerits. The next and final Part discusses the achievements in life from the day this leaf is read to the end of the life.

More important than this is if negative trends are found to be more in one's life (while predicting) the remedies are also given to offset the negative trends and let the life in the direction of more happiness on the basis of affluence, Perfect health and refined behaviouretc.,. This is generally needed to everyone in this world.