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Homas are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for over 5000 years. Homas are performed for a particular deity by involving Agni, the God of Fire. Homas are derived from Vedas. Vedas contains the supreme form of knowledge. The singular goal of Vedas is to guide man through the evolutionary path. Homas form the essence of all the karmas prescribed in the Vedas.


Sri Maha Ganapathy Homam

Lord Ganesha’s position is the uppermost of the main five Gods’ position. The other four are Vishnu, Siva, Devi, and Surya. Ganapathi Homa is the best solution to overcome all the hurdles in life and removal of all obstacles. It provides a soothing effect to the mind as well as the body. It purifies the environment. Performing the Ganapathy homa once in every month gives prosperity, health and wealth. If anyone is running Kethu dasa or Bhukti or some dosha of Kethu in the horoscope, he can perform Ganapathy homa and get relief.


Mrityunjaya Homam

Maha mrithyunjaya Homa is dedicated to Lord Siva. On worshipping Siva one can escape from miseries and troubles of this materialistic world as well as the problems related to inner soul. Lord Shiva is the winner of death.This Homa performed to protect the person suffering from chronic ailments. Performing this homa once a year will protect us from all dangers of life.


Navagraha Homam

Navagraha Homa is one to invoke the blessings of all the nine planets together. It is extremely useful and beneficial to ward of the negative trends caused by unfavourable planetary configuration . performing this homa once a year will help us to enjoy the maximum support of all the planets to a more successful life


Dhanvanthari Homam

This homa is to propitiate Sri Dhanvanthri Moorthy the physician of gods, who manifested at the churning of the milky ocean, being worshipped special by the physician community. This homa is a powerful one to make the individual and society healthy by creating all life supporting positive trends. Serious health problems of any level (beginning of malignant) can be successfully outdated with this.


Mahalakshmi Homam

Sri Maha lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity,of both material and spiritual values of life. The word “Lakshmi” is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Laksh’, meaning goal. Lakshmi is the bestower of both spiritual and material wealth in their glories to reach the goal of life. Performing periodical or at the time of financial crisis ensures material wellbeing with the blessings of goddess Maha Lakshmi.


Sudarsan Homam

Mahasudersanam is one of the most powerful weapons of Mahavishnu.The mightiest power of this weapon is proved many times by Mahavishnu, to kill his enemies. Sudarsana homa is regarded as the best protector from all evils, removal of all enemies, accidents and other doshas. Conducting this homa once in a year is essential for removal of all enemies and other problems.


Sri Rudra Homam

Sri Rudram is the basis of Yajurveda, with the sacred Siva Panchakshri Mantra enshirned with it. Rudra japa is spoken of as a great purifier and it is the most effective remedy for even the worst sins.This pooja where Lord Siva is worshipped in his Rudra form.It is one of the greatest homa to remove all evils to attain fulfilment of all desires for an all-round prosperity.The maharudrabhishekam is particularly performed for the sake of washing away one’s sins and afflictions, for bringing peace, prosperity and happiness along with family togetherness. Conducting this homa once a year is essential for Papa nivaranam and to remove all sorrows in life.