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The great Sages and Seers lived thousands of years ago in India documented the following in twelve chapters in general, in the interest of the well-being of the humanity. The Native after having gone through the first chapter can go for any chapter in a systematic way to live a more fulfilling life with HEALTH AND WEALTH.


Chapter 1

Gives a general prediction for all the twelve major areas of life in nutshell confirming the identities of the Native just based on the THUMB IMPRESSION (Right for Gents and Left for Ladies) or the BIRTH CHART. After going through this chapter only, a Native can go for any other chapter as per his/her choice.


Chapter 2

Speaks about the development of Material welfare of the family to which the Native belongs and, Education with its related periods (Age) of the Native, Skill in speech, Eye sight, Harmony in family of the Native and level of wealth achieved by Husband and Wife (Life Partners jointly).


Chapter 3

Speaks about the co-born (Brothers and Sisters) and Advantages and Disadvantages caused by them, condition of the ears and auditory ability, Advantages and Disadvantages caused by workers and subordinates and courage of the Native etc.


Chapter 4

Speaks about the Health and Life span of the Native’s Mother, Acquisition of Movable and Immovable properties (age wise), Enjoying unknown sources of income, Gambling etc., of the native Taking part in Politics and occupying good position in it (age wise) and acquiring invaluable things etc.


Chapter 5

Speaks about child birth, delay in child birth, Reason for delay in child birth and the ways to overcome them, achievement(s) of the children, benefits accruing to the Native of the children and cautions about the untimely death of the child too.


Chapter 6

Speaks about Hidden enmity of the Native and the ways to overcome them, Nature of Health Problem and the period (Age) of affecting the Native and the ways to protect one (Native) from them and it further speaks about the borrowings , litigation , imprisonment etc ,


Chapter 7

Speaks about marriage and married life of the Native, Happiness and Unhappiness the Native comes across in married life, Reason(s) for delay in marriage and the remedies with which they can be overcome and to settle in timely married life etc., in detail.


Chapter 8

Speaks about the length of the Life span, calamities causing danger to life and remedies to neutralize them. It further speaks about the time of death and the factor causing death with the description of the last scene in life where the Native breathes his/her last.


Chapter 9

Speaks about the health, life span of the father of the Native and the property he acquired /accumulated. It adds, the Native’s Devotion to God, Pilgrimages he/she undertakes, the instruction he/she receives for his/her self-development from the preceptor etc., and the time(s) of Good Luck the Native enjoys etc.,


Chapter 10

Speaks about the Nature of job of the Native, Employment and Business, changing the career, proprietorship etc., and progress/promotion in it (age wise) and the name and fame he/she enjoys in that field, and the socio-economic status the Native enjoys.


Chapter 11

Speaks about, the periods and the means giving maximum level of gains to the Native and Native’s re-marriage, extra-marital affairs and advantages and disadvantages of them.


Chapter 12

Speaks about the Native’s overseas travels and accomplishments, wasteful and unnecessary expenditure, loss likely to occur in career and the means to overcome it , income from unseen source, Happiness of sharing the bed, place and time of next of birth and attainment of LIBERATION etc.

Special chapters



Speaks about one of the earlier births related to the present birth, the sacred and sinister activities the Native indulged in during that birth, the results of them he/she experiences in this birth, the ways and means (Visiting particular places of worship and making offerings there etc.,) to maximize the good results and minimize the bad results etc., to live this life more meaningful. DIKSHA



Speaks about the composition of more powerful mystic sounds suitable to the Native and the right way of making use of it to protect every aspect of life of the Native and his/her family members from all types of Negative trends including the bad effects of witch craft and setting of evil-eyes etc., and making the life a source of Happiness, Progress and Good health.



Speaks about the planets influencing the Native primarily and secondarily at the time of listening to this prediction, and the results yielded by them and, the way with which the values of them can be enriched if encouraging and decreased to the lowest minimum if the values are discouraging.



It speaks about the reason/origin of the chronic diseases of the Native while they are difficult to be diagnosed by the doctors, and describes the preparation (medicine) as per the direction of the great seers and sages, the way it is to be taken with diet restriction and the length of the period it is to be taken etc., for a speed and safe recovery.



It speaks the goal of the life (LIBERATION) of the Native, since how many births he/she has been trying to achieve it, how may births yet he/she should try to achieve the goal, the right path to be pursued to achieve it (LIBERATION) etc., in detail.