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About Naadi Astrology

Naadi Astrology is an ancient Indian system of predicting one’s future taking into consideration the past and present. The origin of this is the great seers and saints who lived thousands of years ago .Their attainment of a particular level in the unfoldment of total knowledge presented them the nature scope and end of every human being living in different ages. Later in the interest of the wellbeing of the humanity to reach the final goal of life, they documented in the palmyrah leaves.

Astrology is followed differently in different areas of the world. The significance of Naadi Astrology followed in Tamilnadu is that it is pretty sure to give accurate prediction. Again it is believed that unless Lord Siva wills no one can come to Naadi Astrology to know the prediction.Among all, ‘Naadi Shastra’ gives the most accurate results. Why? Because it is predefined and pre-documented by the Rishis as utterances of Lord Shiva himself. As the Lord Shiva has predetermined the course of your life, so will it be — and you may be chosen to know about the occurrences before they happen. Naadi Astrology, like other predictive sciences, runs on the dictum that the fate of every human mortal is predestined. Naadi also prescribes penances and remedies based on one’s past deeds or karmas. However, the unique and fascinating belief — that only a person who has been destined to know his fate will approach the Naadi reader at a ‘predestined age’ and at a ‘predestined’ time — makes it different from other occult sciences.

Aadi Ammavasya - August 11, 2018

Aadi Amavasya (no moon day) in the Tamil month of Aadi (Called as Aashada in Karnataka, Andhra & Northern parts) and is considered highly auspicious for performing rituals to the deceased.

Aadi Amavasai 2018 date is August 11. The day is also auspicious to God Murugan. Important rituals on the day include performing rites for decaseaed ancestors in sacred Teerthams and River banks and also taking a holy dip in sacred rivers.


The great Sages and Seers lived thousands of years ago in India documented twelve chapters in general, in the interest of the well-being of the humanity. The Native after having gone through the first chapter can go for any chapter in a systematic way to live a more fulfilling life with HEALTH AND WEALTH.

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Homas are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for over 5000 years. Homas are performed for a particular deity by involving Agni, the God of Fire. Homas are derived from Vedas. Vedas contains the supreme form of knowledge. The singular goal of Vedas is to guide man through the evolutionary path. Homas form the essence of all the karmas prescribed in the Vedas.

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Yantras are used for the worship of deities in temples or at home; as an aid in meditation; used for the benefits given by their supposed occult powers based on Hindu astrology and tantric texts. They are also used for adornment of temple floors, due mainly to their aesthetic and symmetric qualities. Specific yantras are traditionally associated with specific deities.

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